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chucho and lola welcome you to Brick n Barn


Welcome to the Brick n Barn family! We’re excited to announce the unveiling of our 2018 venture. Over the years, we’ve marked our calendar for monthly shows at this Valley Center cornerstone, searching for antiques to adorn our 1950’s Vista farmhouse. 

Each visit to the barn habitually ended with a stroll under a peppertree to gaze from the mighty boulders and dream of what life could be. 

In a step of faith, we grabbed hold of that dream to embrace opportunity, live without regret, and love without excuses. And with that came a promise to carry on the antique tradition, bring new life to the enchanting property, and above all, make Betty Crocker proud. 

After our April 2018 move into Betty's former estate dating back to 1872, we are wholeheartedly living out what life will be . . . not just for ourselves, but for you and every person who enters these magical gates. Our hope is that you will be blessed in the treasures of today and the transformation of tomorrow. 

While our immediate plans are to beautify the antique experience, we are striving toward one day creating a destination where you can stroll garden pathways, picnic by the babbling creek, sip an espresso in the café, and build friendships in the midst of the Brick n Barn community. 

Hang in there with us . . . good things are ahead! 


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